Richmond Hill Speaker Series - Marj Andre & Mary Kot

Who we are

It all began over coffee. We both expressed frustration that we always had to leave Richmond Hill in order to attend interesting lectures and talks. We looked at one another and decided that instead of complaining, we would do something about it.

How it started...

We brought the idea to the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts and the then theatre manager, Michael Grit. He recognized the value it would bring to the residents of our community and agreed to partner with us to give us a kick start on the project. The Speaker Series was delivered as a partnership of the RHCPA and Connecting the Community*.  Fast forward 5 years later, under the umbrella of Connecting the Community, we are now working independently. We will continue to use the RHCPA venue and box office services. 

Our goal is to bring a series of lectures that enrich the mind and, in some instances, soothe the soul. 
By having the talks in a series, it challenges the lifelong learners to be open to topics that they might not have considered.  (It had been our experience that when we listened to a topic that we had thought we had no interest in, we very much enjoyed having the window opened.)

It is a real pleasure hosting the series in our community and learning along with the audience partaking in diverse series of speakers.

*Connecting the Community is a registered not for profit organization. Its objective is to facilitate community engagement through education, dialogue, supporting local charities and promoting civic engagement and community well-being.

Our Team